"Alex is a fantastic PT she motivates you encourages and pushes you to do a lot more than you think you can . She helped me and encouraged me to enter my first strongwomen competition we trained over a number of weeks and I went on to win the competition!! Alex has significantly improved my fitness, strength and nutrition and she has made a positive difference to my life. Thank you Alex." - Colette J

"I would love to thank Alex for her dedication towards me during my time under her tutorage. After discussions with her regarding my aims, we formulated a plan to lose the weight I wanted. Even with someone with an awful limited diet, she still managed to find a way to tale things healthier for me.  Every morning she would check up with me to see how I was mentally and physically. If I wanted to treat myself I would go normally get the go-ahead to have something just to crave my sweet tooth. I cannot thank her enough. Thanks to her dedication towards me, checking on food and fitness activities I lost a stone in 8 weeks, through some very simple steps that anyone could do"Ian T

"I decided to give it a go after suffering from some recurring injuries and a ever growing beer belly. The support provided by Alex was great, from day one she was there to push and guide me. My diet was drastically changed and I was introduced to new exercises and training methods to help build strength and lose weight. Overall the process was great and I saw the effects very quickly, even with the odd treat here and there" - Luke A

And my most long standing client...

Sally M 

"I have been training with Alex since she qualified, and with her support I have reached my weight loss goal through consistent dietary support and personal training. When I first started training with Alex I had never previously been in a gym let alone participate in strength training! Furthermore i had no concept how to lose weight and eat in a healthy manner. Alex has supported me consistently with my nutrition and training, I have learnt how to eat healthily and I am now the strongest I have ever been."