Everything I do is designed with your goals, aspirations, and well-being in mind. From initial consultation to celebrating your achievements, I will work dynamically and responsively to your needs and progress ensuring a bespoke training and/or nutrition plan to provide you optimal results. Life isn't rigid or predictable, so why should your training be?

Personal Training

All personal training sessions are delivered at either Progressive Training Systems in Brackmills, Northampton, however, I can also adapt sessions to incorporate video-platform training if this is not a viable option. My experience includes coaching clients in Powerlifting and Strongman/Strongwoman competition preparation. I incorporate a wide range of strength and conditioning methods, adopting a client-specific training plan based on individual needs and requirements.

Hourly Rate ~ £35.00 
Block Booking ~ £300 for 10 Hours 

Nutritional Coaching 

As part of a successful and sustainable weight loss/management program, or even just a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is an often-overlooked factor which in reality is a more significant influence on end results than any other part of your plan. Working with you on a 1:1 basis I provide daily feedback on what you eat and suggestions on how to improve your diet and evolve your dietary behaviours to ensure consistent ongoing health benefits. 
We will use the WhatsApp platform where you will send me photos of the food you eat at every meal, and in doing so this will enable me to provide you with real-time feedback on your day-to-day consumption. Depending on the client I will also allocate appropriate calories and macronutrient targets to facilitate the desired result. Within this, I also monitor other factors such as sleep, mood, and other biomarkers to ensure that the diet being followed is providing sufficient levels of nutrition for the client ensuring holistic and comprehensive outcomes. Progress is monitored throughout the journey by weekly weigh-ins and monthly body measurements and progress photographs. 

12 Week WhatsApp Nutrition Coaching ~ £150

Training Programmes  

If you prefer to work at another gym, maybe you have your own at home, or you favour the convenience of a training plan I can devise a comprehensive and bespoke strength and conditioning programme based on your goals and aspirations. This will initially consist of an inclusive 60-minute assessment at PTS, Brackmills and we will establish multiple variables such as your baseline fitness, strength and mobility, combined with other factors. Following this, after six weeks we will then include another 60-minute review session where we will spend time assessing your progress. Throughout the programme we will be also reviewing form and conditioning through video analysis. Just because you're not working out on a 1:1 PT framework, does not negate the availability and support which comes with this service. I also offer a reduced cost nutrition coaching add-on to accompany the training programme to ensure all-round results.

12 Week Training Programme - £225
inc. 12 Week Nutrition Coaching - £350

If for whatever reason the above is unsuitable for you, please do contact me so we can discuss adaptations or establish a solution! 
A standard non-refundable 24-hour cancellation policy for all provided PT sessions is applicable. Cancellations outside of this timeframe may be rearranged to a more suitable timeframe or refunded at the discretion of the business.